Special courses



Code Course Title Location Level Start Date Finish date Price*
10 VH Ind 2 10 Výukových hodin pro 2 studenty  New Virtuální třída Not Specified Sep 21, 2022 Nov 30, 2022 5800.00 Kč
BA FCE (B2.1) A Angličtina B2 FIRST (B2.1) A  New Beroun FCE adults Sep 13, 2022 May 23, 2023 9550.00 Kč
BA FCE (B2.1) C Angličtina B2 FIRST (B2.1) C  New Beroun FCE adults Sep 15, 2022 May 25, 2023 9550.00 Kč
BA FCE (B2.2) Angličtina B2 FIRST 2 (B2.2)   New Beroun FCE adults Sep 14, 2022 May 31, 2023 9550.00 Kč
BA C1 Advanced (CAE) Angličtina C1 Advanced (CAE)  New Beroun Pokročilí - P1 Sep 15, 2022 Jun 8, 2023 9950.00 Kč
BA CPE (C2 Prof.) Angličtina CPE (C2 Proficiency)  New Beroun Pokročilí - P1 Sep 21, 2021 May 19, 2022 9950.00 Kč
BA MP (A2) Angličtina Mírně Pokročilí (A2)   New Beroun Mírně pokročilí - MP2 Sep 12, 2022 May 29, 2023 9350.00 Kč
BA SP (B1) Angličtina Středně Pokročilí (B1)  New Beroun Středně pokročilí - SP3 Sep 14, 2022 May 31, 2023 9350.00 Kč
BA VZ (A1) Angličtina Věční Začátečníci (A1)  New Beroun Mírně pokročilí - MP1 Sep 12, 2022 May 22, 2023 9350.00 Kč
BAZ (A0) Angličtina Začátečníci (A0)  New Beroun Začátečníci - Z Sep 12, 2022 May 22, 2023 9350.00 Kč
*VAT incl.

Special courses for doctors

  • Do you need to use a foreign language in your field of medicine?
  • The goal of our courses is to prepare you to understand a foreign language and respond without any problems.
  • In the first place, the course is aimed at mastering specific vocabulary and phraseology.

Special courses for technicians

  • Are you good at what you do and the only thing that prevents you from being even better is a foreign language?
  • Would you like to expand abroad with your company but you don't speak the language?
  • Are you in a situation where you may not need all the unnecessary grammatical rules, but need to be able to respond to foreigners' requests quickly is the most important?

We will teach you!