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Five core pillars of
our language education


The claim that silence is worth a thousand words is perhaps true, but it is speaking that we look at to
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assess our knowledge of a foreign language and that can often totally conceal how wonderfully we understand the language. Therefore, we mostly focus on spoken word and pay most of our attention to it.

Listening is an integral part of learning English, German, Spanish and other foreign languages.
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We always attempt to design our lessons as close in resemblance as possible to the environment the students will find themselves in when they arrive abroad. Our native speakers will easily prepare you for such situations.

Working with text and reading simplified literature and other written text help our student build their
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vocabulary quickly. Mastering a relatively large body of vocabulary actively is essential to learning any foreign language. Understanding written text enhances everyone's self-confidence and courage to express themselves.

Today, email is the most widely used means of communication for quick (less personal) messages.
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It is used in companies for international correspondence, by individuals for sending job applications and curricula vitae or just for booking a hotel or a table in a restaurant. Writing is an integral part of language learning and surely you wouldn't like to skip it.

It is a science that gives us a set of logical and structural rules governing every language, ours as well
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as other people's. The main reason why students are afraid of the grammar of a foreign language is that it is different from ours. However, it is often much easier. We will show that there shouldn’t be too much fuss about it. About science as well as about grammar, that is.




Our method of teaching:

Personal approach to each client

Right from the first moment you make contact with the administrative team of the JILL Language School, it will be obvious to you that you've selected a school that cares about its students and their successful foreign language training. We are always happy to meet you in person and prepare ideal conditions for your instruction. This is possible thanks to the flexible working hours of our entire team, which will gladly adapt itself to your time needs and agree on a personal meeting. Parents often complain about a lack of communication from language schools and rarely obtain feedback from the teachers of their children. For us, communication is very important and for that purpose we have established an electronic class register where parents can monitor their children's attendance and look at detailed teaching records. The electronic class register is also a great tool for all students absent on a specific day because, after each lesson, the teacher's notes on the topics of the lesson are sent to their email address automatically and they can easily catch up. And those who attended can go through the subject of the last lesson and better prepare themselves for what’s coming. If you’re considering learning a foreign language, believe that we will give you all the support and will always do our best to meet your specific requirements.

Excellent cooperation between teachers and students

In this respect, we always strive to make our students feel comfortable, enjoy their lessons and maintain their zest for learning until they reach their goal or as long as possible. Our teachers prepare their lessons in full regard to the demands of the students, always making sure that the five pillars of our teaching are met (speaking, listening, writing, reading and grammar). But always in our joint lessons with emphasis on speaking. Each lesson is accurately and thoughtfully planned by the teacher. At the beginning of the lesson, the teacher goes through what the students learned last time and establishes a new, attractive topic in a suitably selected form. The schedule of lessons is designed to ensure that the students receive as much knowledge as possible directly during the lesson, but we also give them an opportunity for preparation at home. In case of courses for children, homework is very important and we therefore insist on it (unlike for adult students). It helps us fill the gap between individual lessons and keep the acquired knowledge at the ready. Most often, we efficiently motivate our students with homework exercises called „15 minutes a day“. It comprises vocabulary, phrases, short texts, written pieces, songs, videos referring to specific topics and use of CD-ROMs and recommended web links. The students can therefore do homework every day on the basis of a schedule that wouldn't deter and exhaust them too much or give them a feeling that learning a language is complicated. On the contrary, this way the students spend enough time on their homework and learn that studying is no torture, but can be fun and particularly effective.

Combination of a Czech teacher and a native speaker

The vast majority of our group courses of English language are structured as a combination of instruction provided by a Czech teacher and a native speaker. Although it would be easier for our school in terms of personnel and administration to have just one teacher for each 90-minute lesson, we gladly insist on the cooperation of two teachers. This way our students always work with a Czech teacher for 45 minutes and a native speaker for 45 minutes. The teachers prepare the lessons together and create their plans. The Czech teacher may focus on working with text, new grammar and vocabulary that would be hard to understand in the foreign language up to a specific level of proficiency (beginner, intermediate), so they can use Czech in their instruction from time to time. The native speaker, on the other hand, always brings into practice what the Czech teacher explains to the students. Native speakers conduct their lessons with emphasis on speaking and listening and share a focus on writing with their Czech counterparts. This combination of teachers has showed its worth in our 10 years of practice and it has been confirmed that our students have no problem to use foreign languages abroad on holiday, are spontaneous and certainly don’t suffer so much from the well-known hesitancy in spoken language, which plagued so many Czechs in the past. We definitely recommend a combination of teachers for most group courses with some exceptions, such as conversational classes with a native speaker and absolute beginners, where only one teacher is more suitable.

100% success on international tests of foreign languages

For several consecutive years we have really had 100% success on all foreign language tests. We have developed an effective method whereby all our students are being prepared for the tests from the very beginning of their study, ensuring that they have no problem passing them. In English we mostly specialize in Cambridge ESOL tests, such as KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC but we also successfully prepare our students for the State Maturita Exam, TOEIC and TOEFL tests, the State Language Examination and so on. Language education with us is conducted so that even kindergarten children are able to pass international tests, such as Starters, Movers, Flyers, or later KET for Schools, PET for Schools and FCE for Schools. It is similar for Spanish, where we prepare our students for DELE tests up to the C2 level, and for French, where our students pass DELF and DALF certificates successfully. We also take care of preparations for international tests in German, Russian and Czech for foreigners.

Rooms perfectly adapted for language education

Language learning has to be attractive, lively and fun. We therefore decided to design our classrooms so we could focus in them, move freely and relax. All classrooms are divided into three zones (relaxation zone, free movement zone and a table with chairs), that we change during lessons. With this system, our students can be fully focused and are not bored. This layout is especially appreciated by children, who are provided with up to 9 activities on a single topic in the span of 45 minutes in our special classrooms.

Why study with us?


  • Traditional market player for 15 years
  • 100% success on all state and international tests in foreign languages
  • Personal approach to each client, without exception
  • Excellent accessibility (you will always find us in the centre of the town), when you just park your car easily and feel comfortable in a cosy environment, which we are constantly improving for you.
  • Benefits that can be obtained in our JILL CLUB