Our management

Petra Rehorová

Senior manager, course coordinator Beroun, tutor of english and spanish

Jiřina Gallová

Senior manager, tutor of english and spanish

Jana Šaková

Assistant manager

Tereza Macourková

Assistant manager

We are here for our students and teachers every day

The work of the school's management is based on a well-organized management system. We have a common goal, but our roles are different. We are all together ready to solve any requirements from our customers.

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The school's office is run by an assistant manager and a course coordinator, who take care of the organization of courses, manage customer services and provide administrative support for the school. Our senior management is responsible for the contents of the courses, monitors the quality of instruction and selects, educates and manages teachers.

Our tutors

Jenna DeCostole

Native speaker of english

Dominika Benešová

Tutor of english

Earl Richardson

Native speaker of english

Rosemary Ličík

Native speaker of english

Adéla Gričová

Tutor of german

Barbora O´Sullivan

Tutor of english

Elena Sekerskaya

Tutor of russian

Eugen Satran

Tutor of english

Ian Gronow

Native speaker of english

Milada Martínková

Tutor of english

Petra Svobodová

Tutor of english

Veronika Machová

Tutor of english

Vlasta Borovanová

Tutor of french

Teachers of the JILL Language School

We place emphasis on quality, so our teachers are carefully tested, work in line with our proven five-pillar methods of teaching, are certified and linguistically educated, with some artistic talent and dedication to their profession.

Who teaches?

All our teachers are highly educated and their theoretical training and practical experience are well above conventional standards. They have a university degree or the internationally recognized TEFL or CELTA certificate.

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Most of our teachers have a combination of both. They must have a sense of organization and class leadership and be supportive of their students. They sensitively maintain a dynamic pace of the classes, which encourages concentration and enjoyment among students.

And you can see that our teachers enjoy teaching. It's the only way of positive feedback between the student and the teacher. And that makes our lessons lively, with actual benefits for the students.

Our teachers continuously improve their qualifications and participate in specialized workshops and courses - individually or in groups.

How we choose our teachers?

We have a rigorous selection process, with a personal interview that lasts several hours and a sample lesson. This selection and the follow-up training guarantee that our teachers meet our tough requirements on their quality.

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Last but not least, we also try to find out in the selection process if the teacher has the same philosophy, recognizes the same or similar values and has the same thinking as far as teaching, approach to students and responsibility are concerned.

The management of the JILL Language School makes every effort to care for its teachers. Most of our teachers have cooperated with us for several years.

Other tutors

Adéla Špatenková

Tutor of english

Anna Sedláková

Tutor of german

Cajus Diedrich

Native speaker of german

Jitka Trojanová

Tutor of bulgarian

Kateřina Gregoríková

Tutor of english

The whole JILL team takes care of its students to spread a positive reputation of the language school. We continuously improve ourselves and are ready to help our students every day.