Courses for companies

What we teach

  • english - native speakers (USA)
  • spanish
  • german
  • french
  • rusian
  • czech for foreigners

What we offer

  • always individual and friendly approach to each client
  • we especially teach our students to speak and understand the language
  • we create a friendly and warm environment that motivates students to be active and enjoy learning
  • supplementary programmes
  • discussions
  • themed evenings
  • we monitor and recommend events organized by specialized language schools
  • we cooperate with the embassies of other countries
  • we organize optional tours abroad (also with stays in families)
  • we propose other study plans and prospects to our students
  • Czech for foreigners

Target groups of our courses

  • for the public
  • for institutions and organizations
  • group or individual courses
  • different levels of proficiency
  • different intensity
  • focused on systematic repetition, practice and consolidation of grammar
  • conventional, with conversation
  • conversational
  • preparation for language examinations
  • during the entire day (7 to 21 o'clock)

How we organize teaching

  • we create our curricula and set the goals of our instruction, yet we are able to change them effectively
  • we supplement grammatical explanations and exercises with conversation even in beginners' courses
  • we teach our students to use whatever knowledge of the language they have
  • in English lessons, Czech teachers teach along with native speakers
  • we use our teachers' specialization so that they alternate in teaching
  • we enrich our work with modern methods and methodological innovation
  • we follow our students' development in the course of instruction

Who teaches

  • university-educated teachers with several years of experience in teaching foreign languages
  • professionals aware of teaching methodology
  • native speakers
  • teachers possessing: significant pedagogical talent, ability to motivate for higher performance, positive approach to life

What we use to teach

  • we use textbooks by renowned publishers
  • we create our own additional study materials
  • we create custom worksheets for home study
  • from books and magazines
  • we use audio and video recordings

What we can offer to your business

  • we have developed a series of courses adapted to the needs of businesses and institutions
  • flexible schedule
  • flexible place of instruction (at the company or in our school)
  • language audit included in the tuition
  • subject to agreement, we prepare a special study programme according to your needs
  • courses can start at any time during the calendar year (this also applies to intensive language courses during summer holidays)
  • at your request, we can provide textbooks and other teaching materials

Preparation of courses for businesses

  • when you express your interest in a language course, we conduct a language audit and divide your employees into courses of suitable levels according to its results
  • we recommend an ideal time for study and materials needed to implement the programme
  • we set up a method to monitor the study progress of your staff and their evaluation
  • based on our long-time experience, we recommend no more than eight students per class
  • we arrange the most appropriate place of instruction
  • we offer demonstrable benefits right in your company
    • employees are in familiar surroundings
    • no tiresome travelling to the place of teaching
    • saved time allocated to teaching

What the tuition includes

  • the price always includes:
    • tuition (the price per lesson multiplied by the number of lessons)
    • administration (registration, postage, etc.)
    • initial interview and language placement test (language audit)
    • study and working materials produced by the school
    • overview of the topics studied and student attendance (on request)
    • continuous testing of students
    • 21% value added tax
  • the price doesn't include:
    • travel expenses if the teacher has to commute out of reach of public transport or outside the town (travel expenses, if any, are set by agreement)
    • study and working materials not produced by the school
    • tuition is paid as agreed (usually in the form of invoices) before the beginning of instruction